What the heck is a Biton?

Nope it's not that thing you used to twirl around in your hands as a child, while pretending to lead the marching band!  And no, it's not a designer handbag!  It is however, the most AWESOME of dog breeds on this planet! ;) A mix between the Bichon Frise and the Coton de Tulear. 

So I'm sure most of you are familiar, at least vaguely, with the Bichon Frise.  And not so familiar with the Coton de Tulear.  They are both sweet little white haired dogs who's only desire in this world is to love and be loved. The Coton de Tulear breed is believed to have been originated from the Bichon Frise, who were brought to the island of Madagascar and may have breed with indigenous dogs.  The Coton is very similar in size, build & temperament to the Bichon with the main noticeable difference being the coat.  

Bichons are typically all white in color with some having peach coloring mostly on their ears.  While the Coton can range from all white, black & white, and tri-colored. The Cotons hair is usually very soft and straight or wavy, and the Bichon hair is curly and fluffy. Both coats are non-shedding and make a good match for people with allergies, but do require frequent grooming.  These dogs both have hair similar to humans.  The hair does not shed, but will occasionally fall out.  If these dropped hairs do not get combed out, they will form mats.  Professional and/or constant grooming will be necessary with this breed.  I'm not going to lie, their hair is a pain in the tush!!  But so so beautiful if you take care of it!!

(The picture below is of a female Biton from our previous litter.  She is also the same dog as in the picture at the top of the page. They love bouncing through the snow...but this is what happens to their legs when they do!)

The Coton de Tulear is still considered to be a rare breed, although they are becoming more and more popular.  Their fun loving, mild mannered temperaments make them highly desirable companions!  Not to mention they are cute as heck!! ;)  There are few known genetic defects carried by both the Bichon and Coton so they are typically very healthy dogs as well.  However, many (quality) breeders fear that the recent spike in popularity may change that. So if you are looking for a pure breed (or any dog for that matter), please research your breeders carefully!

The Biton brings the best of both breeds into one sweet little dog!  They will be smart, great with kids, mild mannered, easily trainable, and your best friend for life! Without having to invest your entire life savings!  Purebreed Cotons raised by quality breeders will range from $1500-$4000!!  And only slightly less for a quality Bichon.  If you are looking for a small companion dog this is a great choice!  Please feel free to contact me for more information. Or stay tuned for future updates!!  :)