Monday, October 15, 2012

Only 2 Boys Left!!

Two adorable little boys are still looking for their forever home! Reo and Ringo. These little boys will have great temperaments! They are both very loving and affectionate little dogs and would love a home where they can be an integral part of the family. They are very smart and can be easily trained to do tricks and play games. Mine love to play hide and go seek with my kids! And Chase (dad) especially, loves to show off his tricks!

Many people seem to think females make better pets than males.  And this is simply not true.  Males actually tend to be more playful and more affectionate than females.  Females are generally more independent and sometimes "moody". With this breed, both male and female are amazing, so please don't write off those boys as incapable of being a great companion dog!  They will love you TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!! :)

Here are some pics of the available puppies... Ringo & Reo

REO - Such a little character!  Full of fun and loves to give puppy kisses!!
RINGO- such beautiful markings! He does the trade-mark, Coton head tilt when you talk to him!

RINGO- such a sweet heart!
REO - look at that little teddy bear face! 
 REO - such a sweet little guy, always so happy!

Little Brothers


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